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NFL, NFLPA Unable To Agree On New Trade Deadline

The NFL and NFLPA were unable to agree on a new trade deadline for the 2012 season.

Owners voted in May to move the trade deadline back from Week 6 to Week 8. The owners, however, needed the NFLPA to amend the collective bargaining agreement, and it didn't happen.

The 2012 trade deadline will remain on Oct. 16, following Week 6's games.

Additionally, the new injured reserve rule is not applicable yet, as the NFLPA did not sign off on it. The new injured reserve rule would allow teams to activate one player from injured reserve per season, giving teams additional roster flexibility, and allowing superstars to potentially return from major injuries suffered early in the season.

There will be no HGH testing in the 2012 season, either.

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