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NFL, NFLPA Can't Agree On Trade Deadline, Injured Reserve Rules

The NFL and NFL Players Association have not been able to put changes to the injured reserve rules and the trade deadline into effect, according to a report from

The NFL's competition committee affirmed the changes to both issues at the trade deadline in the spring. One alteration would allow clubs to identify one player who could come off the injured reserve during the season, while the other would push the trade deadline back to Week 8 of the regular season, two weeks later than it has been.

The NFL declined to comment on the situation, though union sources claimed that the communication breakdown stems from the proposal to modify the rules on padded practices as well, which have garnered complaints from some coaches. All of these changes were reportedly offered as a package deal, which the union turned down.

The injured reserve and trade deadline changed have not been officially shelved until next year, though an unofficial deadline of Aug. 27, 2012 -- the day teams must reduce their rosters to 75 players -- is being used.

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