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Felix Jones Getting Cut? 'Ridiculous Thought', Jerry Jones Says

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says its 'ridiculous' to think the team will cut running back Felix Jones.

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Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones failed the team's training camp conditioning test earlier this summer, and DeMarco Murray is the Cowboys' definite starter for 2012. Yet there's no chance that Felix Jones is cut as long as Jerry Jones owns the team:

"That’s a ridiculous thought," Jerry Jones snapped on KRLD-FM when asked if the former first-round pick’s roster spot was in jeopardy. "I’m not worried about him at all. From what I’ve seen out there, he’s got a chance to have a big year for us."

Jones has gained weight over his career, and has not appeared to have the sort of burst that's made him an effective change-of-pace back in seasons past. Yet, with no other veteran running backs on the Dallas roster and the backing of fellow Razorback Jerry Jones, Felix doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, at least not this season.

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