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Dez Bryant Rules Aren't Anything New, Jerry Jones Says

There have been reports that Dallas Cowboys have created special rules for wide receiver Dez Bryant, which include things such as a midnight curfew, no alcohol, what approved clubs he could go to as well as other rules.

However, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones denied that there were special rules for Bryant in a radio interview with KRLD-FM, 105.3 The Fan:

"I'm not so sure where the media has come up with detail of this nature," Jones said Tuesday. "Fundamentally, Dez does, and I'm convinced, want to do many things that give him the opportunity to get on track the way he needs to, both on and off the field.


Jones declined to answer Tuesday when asked if the so-called "Dez Rules" had been created by Bryant's adviser David Wells.

"I'm not going to discuss any of the rules because that implies that there are a certain set of rules and I don't know that that's correct, either," Jones said. "So, really, just by the nature of it, it's not one you would really discuss. We have rules of behavior in the NFL. We have rules of behavior with the Cowboys as well. I'm not so sure there's been any new rule created here."

Jones is side stepping the direct question about whether Bryant has his own unique rules to abide by, but he also went on to say that if Bryant can follow the same rules that everyone else does in the NFL then Cowboys will be fine with Bryant's behavior.

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