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Dolphins Vs. Cowboys: Miami Fans Focused On Receiving Corps

The Dolphins capped off a 0-4 preseason with a 30-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Wednesday, but the big story among Miami fans was which wide receivers would make the final roster.

Miami's wide receiver group has been a hot topic debate during training camp and the debate continued following the Dolphins final preseason game. Members at SB Nation's Dolphins Blog The Phinsider made their picks for the final wide receiver corps.

"My guess at the WRs of the future
Bess, Hartline, Matthews, Moore, Gates plus an acquisition. Fuller and perhaps Cunningham to the practice squad.

I don't see that Naanee has done anything but showcase a remarkable capacity for dropping passes." - nickzi

"My guess - and this situation could change quickly

Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are on the 2012 roster no matter what.
Legedu Naanee is only here if we don't acquire a veteran to replace him - either via signing a free agent (Jabbar Gaffney) or by trading for someone (James Jones). He's earning more money than the other receivers "on the bubble," and he is under-producing for the most part.

For the bottom 3, I think we go with Rishard Matthews, Marlon Moore, and Clyde Gates.
I think Gates is saved by his raw speed, utility on special teams, and potential as a raw receiver only entering his second year.
I think Matthews has made the most of his opportunities - he's pieced together 2 good games out of 4 pre-season total - more than anybody else.
And Moore is the guy who does all the little things right - routes, blocking, and special teams - even if his receptions total isn't impressive.

Any of those 3 can be replaced by a waiver-wire pickup. My guess is that it's Matthews to the practice squad first if Ireland finds someone better because Moore and Gates are ineligible for practice squad, so cutting them means they're off the team.

BJ Cunningham and Jeff Fuller and MAYBE Chris Hogan to practice squad.

Roberto Wallace is gone - practice squad ineligible, inconsistent in practice ("Ankle-weights"), and only 1 good game in pre-season." - MartinH04

The entire discussion wasn't about wide receivers, at least one member isn't very optimistic about the upcoming season.

it's going to be a long the way what the hell is wrong with Matt Moore, he just doesn't look confident at all." - J4fins

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