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NFL Hall Of Fame Game: Cardinals Looking For Answers At Quarterback

The Arizona Cardinals have been practicing for almost two weeks. A quarterback battle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton has dominated training camp headlines out of Flagstaff. On Sunday, the Cardinals will likely get a a few more answers to their quarterback quandary when they open the preseason against the New Orleans Saints in the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

For more insight into the Cardinals' season, we talked to Revenge of the Birds, SB Nation's Cardinals blog.

How has each quarterback looked in camp?

Honestly, neither has looked spectacular. If I had to say who has looked better, Kolb is a little ahead, which can be evidenced by the fact that Kolb is the starter right now. Skelton has been good at times, but his accuracy is still an issue. Kolb hasn't been great either. In their first scrimmage, Skelton competed only two of 10 passes while Kolb was 9/16 with a TD, but was intercepted twice.

Is it concerning that Kolb, with his multi-year contract, isn't the clear starter?

Absolutely. However, it is as much a testament to the play of Skelton when it counted. But with the money Kolb has been paid, it is not comforting knowing he has not clearly beaten out an inaccurate late-round draft pick.

John Skelton went 5-2 down the stretch last What did he do well?

The truth it was not so much what he did, but how the defense and special teams played. Skelton was near terrible for most of those games, but he had the uncanny ability to make big throws late in the game. And the reason why he was able to do that was because of the defense and special teams. What he did well was throw a lot to Larry Fitzgerald, and Fitz at times made him look good. Of course, Skelton also was picked off more because of leaning on Fitz.

Are Kolb's concussion problems behind him? Is it still a concern?

The concussion he had is no longer a concern, but there is a big question about his durability in general. He needs to show he can make it through a whole season.

Which QB do most Cardinals fans want to see start the regular season?

Honestly, fans have gravitated to Skelton. He is a bit of a Cinderella story being a fifth-round pick. He has had some late-game heroics and he was the guy playing when the team was winning. So he has more of a fan base, while the fans are a bit impatient with Kolb.

For more on the Cardinals, be sure to check out Revenge of the Birds. Follow all the news and updates related to the Hall of Fame Game in this StoryStream.