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Kevin Kolb's Injury Doesn't Mean Cardinals QB Battle Is Over

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The Arizona Cardinals suffered what could've been a serious blow in Sunday night's Hall of Fame game against the New Orleans Saints when quarterback Kevin Kolb hit the deck with an injury. Luckily for Arizona, the injury is just a rib contusion, which isn't serious.

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Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said it's conceivable that Kolb could practice this week and play in the Cardinals next game against the Chiefs on Friday night.

Kolb and John Skelton are in the midst of a position battle for the Cards' starting quarterback job and Kolb's injury doesn't figure to change a whole lot, writes SB Nation's Revenge Of The Birds.

This is just the first preseason game and if Kolb is healthy, he is going to put up a fight. Skelton was scheduled to start the next game with the first unit anyhow, so Kolb could potentially come in with the second team and shine. Skelton has shown issues with accuracy and decision making as well, so he will need to continue to show consistency to maintain the lead.

The position battle continues with the Cardinals traveling to Kansas City to practice with the Chiefs this week before Friday's game.

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