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Eagles Vs. Browns, Week 1: Philly Fan Lights Up Michael Vick In Narrow Win

The City of Brotherly Love breathed a collective sigh of relief as the Philadelphia Eagles narrowly escaped an upset at the hands of the upstart Cleveland Browns, 17-16, on Sunday in Cleveland.

One of the most discouraging aspects of the loss was the play of quarterback Michael Vick, who finished the game with four interceptions while being sacked twice. He would end up with 307 yards through the air, including two touchdown passes in the close victory.

Philly fans are never ones to mince words, and the reaction over at Bleeding Green Nation was what one would expect following a lackluster effort from a team thought to have a real chance at postseason success in 2012. Joe_D summed up the sentiment of a lot of fans:

We'll get absolutely pounded next week...

The main concern here is Vick and how he's played post MM2.

First, he was NEVER a great QB, even in Atlanta he was a run first guy and self-admitted slacked on studying to perfect his dog fighting craft.This is why many of us (including me) were STUNNED that he was even handed the starting job. Though obviously, in hind sight, he's a much better QB than Kolb who has also regressed as a player.

Sometimes, especially in Philly, a win feels like a loss.


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