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Joe Flacco, Ravens Beat Up Bengals In 44-13 Blowout

Joe Flacco and the Ravens' offense looked like an elite unit as they tore up the Cincinnati Bengals defense in a 44-13 victory. Flacco's day was over midway through the fourth quarter with the Bengals nursing a four-touchdown lead.

Flacco's the headliner, completing 21-of-29 passes for 299 yards and two touchdowns while Ray Rice added two touchdowns.

The Ravens were better than the Bengals in every facet of the game on the week's biggest stage, Monday Night Football.

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Joe Flacco is really, really good

So this guy is pretty good. Or really good. I'm not ready for the elite conversation yet but Flacco looks like one of the top five to seven quarterbacks in the NFL, at least through one game this season. He has a rocket for an arm, isn't afraid to go deep and, most importantly, he's been very accurate.

The throw below is the game's best and shows Flacco's arm strength. Watch as he throws off his back foot and places the ball exactly where it needed to be.


Get ready for the "Is Flacco elite?" debate

It's coming.

Bengals defense doesn't look top 10

This was a top 10 defense last year, right?

Flacco and the Ravens consistently attacked the Bengals' secondary, perhaps even going too far by throwing deep while up 28 points. The Bengals' defense had no answer for the Ravens. Even Ray Rice neared seven yards per carry so it wasn't just the passing game. The Bengals' defensive line couldn't even stop the run late in the game to avoid the bleeding.

The problem with expectations is that people expect you to live up to them.

3 reasons the Ravens won the game

1. They got off to a fast start, from that 52-yard pass on the first play from scrimmage to 10 points in all in the first quarter. With Baltimore's defense, it's extremely hard to beat them while down double digits in the first quarter.

2. The only thing that could compare to the domination of the Ravens' offense was the domination of the Ravens' defense. Cincinnati's lone touchdown came on a two-minute situation with less than a minute left in the first half.

3. Ed Reed's pick six. The Ravens aren't losing very often when Reed's taking one back, especially when that interception return also sets an NFL record.

The Ravens' play summed up in one GIF:


The Bengals' play summed up in one GIF:


Ravens show those oddsmakers

Baltimore was only a 6-point favorite?

What's up next

Next week the Bengals host the Browns in another AFC North matchup while the Ravens go to Philly to play the Eagles.

For a Baltimore perspective of the game, check out Baltimore Beatdown. And for more on the Bengals, check out Cincy Jungle. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more highlights.

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