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Bengals Vs. Ravens, Week 1: Cincy Jungle Reacts

The Cincinnati Bengals got off to a rough start against the Baltimore Ravens, losing 44-13 at M&T Bank Stadium on Monday night.

Cincinnati wasn't very competitive throughout the contest, although the game was kept close on the scoreboard until the third quarter. The Bengals were only trailing 17-10 at the break before being outscored 27-3 in the second half.

Over at our Cincinnati blog, Cincy Jungle, Josh Kirkendall summed the ugly night up:

A slice of swiss cheese with peppered holes for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to complete footballs three times the size of regulation. Gaps for trains like Ray Rice to split through the line of scrimmage, carrying conversations with escorting offensive linemen before feeling pressure from late-arriving Bengals defenders. Except for a knee to end the first half, Baltimore scored on four of their first five possessions, with two scoring drives of 80 yards or more and three 60-yard plus.

Despite how badly the Bengals were beaten, it's only one loss for a team that many expect to compete for a playoff spot and maybe even the AFC North crown. One defeat, no matter how lopsided, doesn't change that for a young Cincinnati team.

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