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Aaron Rodgers Gets A First Quarter Scare

The Packers and Bears are struggling to get anything going offensively in the first quarter. Aaron Rodgers is 2-for-6 with 37 yards, and he got a scare on the Packers' second offensive drive of the game.

On 2nd-and-16, rookie defensive end Shea McClellin eased his way around the left tackle and sacked Rodgers for a 10-yard loss. On the next play, Rodgers watched the ball slip out of his hand. Things got really concerning for the Packers and their fans when he went down on his right arm and his hand.

Aaronfail_medium \

Here's the sack the play before that one.


So far, the Packers have had more luck running the ball. Cedric Benson has 27 yards on six carries, finding a few gaps in the Bears' cover-2 defense.

Still, as tight as the defenses have been, these two teams are capable of blowing the lid off of it at any minute.