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Tom Brady Blames Offense, Not Kicker For Week 2 Loss

Tom Brady stated on Monday that the Patriots lost to the Arizona Cardinals because the offense failed to execute.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stated that the team's offense was unable to make plays, which is why the team lost to the Arizona Cardinals in Sunday's home opener, 20-18. It was the first time in Brady's career that he lost the first home game of the regular season.

In an interview on Monday with Dennis and Callahan on WEEI in Boston, the quarterback removed blame from kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who missed a last second field goal that would have won the game for the Patriots and praised the talent level of the Arizona defense. He also acknowledged the offenses' struggles.


"It was just a matter of, really, they have a good team. They have some very, very good players, very disruptive front, good guys in coverage, they disguise things pretty well. But our execution wasn't great, even when we really had them figured out. That's why you get beat, is you have chances to make plays and you just don't make them."

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