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Week 3 NFL Picks And Predictions: Packers Vs. Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have a chance to upset the Green Bay Packers, but the picks and predictions still heavily favor Aaron Rodgers and company.

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Before the season started, this game looked like it had a clear favorite. The Green Bay Packers had arguably the best quarterback in the league in Aaron Rodgers and a defense led by Clay Matthews. The Seattle Seahawks needed to bring Terrell Owens into training camp because they had holes at receiver, and they had a really curious quarterback battle between high-priced backup Matt Flynn, formerly of Green Bay, and rookie Russell Wilson.

While the Packers are still favorites, it's not by all that large a margin. Jacson Bevens of Field Gulls thinks that Seattle has a very good shot against the Packers. Still, Green Bay is Green Bay.

"I expect the Seahawks secondary to do an excellent job of covering Green Bay's receivers, and I'm hopeful that Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin can generate consistent pressure on Aaron Rodgers. But even if both of those things happen, perhaps no team is better suited to overcome it than the Packers."

Over at Sports Illustrated, Peter King also badly wants to choose the Seahawks to steal one, but he just can't. So he'll go with the Packers in a 21-20 victory.

Only two of CBS Sports' eight NFL experts believe Seattle will pull off the upset at CenturyLink Field, and the prediction machine agrees with the majority as well.

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