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Kevin Ogletree Slips On Hat Thrown By Replacement Official

A bizarre chain of events caused Dallas Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree to slip on a hat thrown into the end zone; a hat thrown by the replacement side judge. Tony Romo did an excellent job getting free from the pass rush, and heaving it down field, but the play got really strange when Ogletree tried to make something happen.


It's routine to see NFL officials use their hat as a marker when a player runs out of bounds before coming back in, but why the official elected to throw it so far into the field of play is beyond comprehension. This marks the third straight week the NFL's replacement refs will be criticised, and the more bizarre events like this take place, the harder it becomes to justify that they're just like their regular officials.

Thankfully for all parties, Ogletree wasn't injured, and the hat didn't become a turning point in a close game between Dallas and Tampa Bay.

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