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Packers Vs. Seahawks Score Update: Defenses Dominate In Scoreless 1st Quarter

After 15 minutes in Seattle, the Seahawks and Packers are still scoreless on Monday Night Football. Each team had three first downs but neither was able to put together a sustained drive as the defenses dominated with constant pressure on the quarterbacks. It was Clay Matthews chasing Russell Wilson down on one side and Bruce Irvin getting to Aaron Rodgers on the other.

Continuing an early season trend, the game was a bit chippy in the first quarter and there were plenty of penalties. The teams had to be separated a few times in scrums after the play. Seattle rookie Irvin also mocked the well-known and oft-advertised Green Bay celebration after a sack of Rodgers:


Rodgers was sacked three times in the Packers' first 10 offensive plays, including twice by Irvin. The speedy rush end has been beating Bryan Bulaga on the right side of the Packers line. It was the first time Rodgers had been sacked three times in the game's opening quarter. The infamously loud crowd at CenturyLink Field certainly seems to be having an impact early, with Green Bay's offensive linemen a step slow off the snap count.

Green Bay's offense was the envy of the league last year, but they have yet to score in the first quarter this season.

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