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Replacement refs strike again, and it all comes to a head

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If there was a perfect way to cap Week 3 of the NFL season, it was this. Standing in the end zone at CenturyLink Field, with a pile of bodies at their feet, two replacement refs signal two different things. There was no time on the clock. The Seahawks could only win with a touchdown. And the ball came down in the hands of two players -- one a Green Bay Packer, the other a Seahawk.

As the crowd roared, the refs gave different signals: one holding both arms up for a touchdown; the other waving his arms as if the pass was intercepted. This, friends, was the nightmare scenario for the NFL. After all the headshot and bad calls this week -- and all season, really -- this was the perfect visual ammo for the NFLPA.


M.D. Jennings went up over everyone and brought the ball in. He had it first, and it was pretty dang obvious. Golden Tate managed to not only latch on, but convince the referees that he had the ball.


That's Jennings' ball, right? Look closer. Sure, everyone in the crowd erupts, but Jennings appears to have had control. He's the one over everyone (43) going up to high-point the ball.


This angle, coincidently, was shot from about where the back judge was looking at the play. He was the one who called it an interception.

But you know what? I'm a Seahawks fan. I lived and died with this game. So hey, keep the replacement refs. They just won us a game.*

*View subject to change when karma strikes next week.