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Golden Tate discusses controversial touchdown

On the final play of the controversial victory of the Seattle Seahawks over the Green Bay Packers, Seahawks wideout Golden Tate ended up "catching" a football that M.D. Jennings originally appeared to intercept. Jennings went down to the ground and still appeared to have possession of the football, only to have Tate rip he ball away at the end of the play and get simultaneous possession awarded to him--even when Jennings clearly had maintained possession of the ball once he got to the ground.

Before that though, Tate committed what looked like a blatant pass interference when he pushed off a Green Bay defender (you can see him flying) before he goes down to the ground and "gains simultaneous possession of the football." Judge for yourself.


Tate seems pretty convinced he didn't push off though. I mean how more convincing does it get than this interview after the fact? The denial is quite strong with this one.

I'm guessing Tate is a pretty popular man at this moment in the city of Seattle, but being involved in two controversial moments during the game is not going to endear him to the fans in Green Bay.

Talk about the result with Seahawks fans at Field Gulls, and with Packers fans at Acme Packing Company.