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Controversy and courage: NFL Week 3 in pictures

Week 3 was just like any other in the NFL, from questionable officiating to courageous play.

The third week of the 2012 NFL season ended in the only way it really could have: with controversy. Replacement official missed a key call, taking away an interception from the Green Bay Packers and giving a game-winning touchdown to the Seattle Seahawks.

While controversy dominated the conversation, there were plenty of other ups and downs across the country. The week started on a sad note when legendary NFL Films co-founder Steve Sabol passed away after a lengthy fight with brain cancer. Teams paid tribute to Sabol, who is widely credited with shaping modern professional football.

Injuries and upsets also worked their way into the headlines this week. New York Jets cornerback Darelle Revis, whose season ended with a torn ACL on Sunday, led a long list of injured super stars.

The San Francisco 49ers lost a stunner to the Minnesota Vikings. San Francisco was widely regarded as the league's best team prior to that game.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg for Week 3 in the NFL. Join us for a look back at some the week's most memorable moments.