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Locked out ref on Packers-Seahawks: 'I would've reversed it'

Walt Anderson, a locked out NFL referee, weighed in on the final play of the Packers-Seahawks game. In an interview with Kevin Kietzman on WHB in Kansas City, Anderson said,

"I would've reversed it to an interception. I just feel like that the defensive player established control, certainly a greater degree of control than the receiver, both in the air and going to the ground. Just the fact that a receiver ends up having a hand on the ball does not necessarily constitute control. I felt like, watching it live, it was an interception. And watching all the replays, I would've come to the same conclusion had I been making the decision."

Anderson went on to say, "But it's pretty clear-cut, in terms of who has control whenever they finish the process of the catch. In my mind, I feel like it's an interception."

Anderson has been an NFL referee since 2003. Before that, he served as a line judge for seven years. He worked as a dentist before retiring in 2003.