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Week 4 NFL picks: Bengals vs. Jaguars

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The Cincinnati Bengals are the consensus pick among experts in Sunday's matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The two teams post very similar numbers on defense, but Cincinnati's offense is stronger than Jacksonville's.

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

The 1-2 Jacksonville Jaguars host the 2-1 Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and experts across the sports world have a clear consensus in their picks. The two teams are strikingly similar in their defensive numbers, with Cincinnati averaging 417 yards allowed (262 passing, 155 running) and Jacksonville 412 (258 passing, 154 running). The defensive matchup may be too close to call, but the Bengals offensive averages clearly outpace those of the Jaguars. Andy Dalton's quarterback rating is 20 points higher than Blaine Gabbert's.

Over at, all but one of the writers pick the Bengals, with Adam Schefter being the only man picking Jacksonville. At Yahoo! Sports both Jason Cole and the collected picks of Yahoo! users favor Cincinnati. CBS Sports picks against the spread as well as straight, and even giving the Jaguars 1.5 points only one man is willing to pick them. Will Brinson favors Jacksonville both against the spread and straight up.

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