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Josh Cribbs is blown up by Ravens' Dannell Ellerbe

Cleveland Browns return man Josh Cribbs was knocked out after taking a hit that knocked his helmet off, then hitting his head on the turf in the first quarter against the Cleveland Browns.


Cleveland Browns return man Josh Cribbs was knocked out of Thursday's game against the Baltimore Ravens after taking a hit on a punt return with 5:07 remaining in the first quarter. Cribbs fumbled on the play.

Cribbs was hit by Dannell Ellerbe. Here's the play:


Cribbs actually suffered three hits to his head on the play. The initial hit was Ellerbe's helmet or shoulder pad making contact with Cribbs' helmet and knocking it off. Cribbs then hit his helmet-less head on the turf. Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland reported that Cribbs also had a spike hit him in the face as he was down.

Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Cribbs was up and walking on the sidelines after the hit. He told trainers he was fine, according to Mary Kat Cabot of the Plain Dealer:

Cribbs has been ruled out for the rest of the game.

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