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Big hit on Josh Cribbs results in concussion

Head coach Pat Shurmur confirmed that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs received a concussion on a massive hit in the first quarter of the team's loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Cribbs was returning a punt when he received the hit. He sat out the rest of the game after receiving the blow, which sandwiched him between long-snapper Morgan Cox and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.

It's unclear how long he'll be out of commission, but one would have to assume he'll miss some playing time. He was knocked unconscious by the hit, fumbling the ball. Although he was reportedly walking on the sidelines shortly after the hit, his head received multiple blows on the play including a violent crash into the ground without his helmet on.

Knowing what we now know about concussions, it would seem unlikely that the Browns will rush the eighth-year wide receiver out of Kent State back into play.

Cribbs had only four catches on the year, but was the team's primary kickoff and punt returner. He was replaced in those duties by Travis Benjamin.

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