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Shane Lechler displays astounding awareness

More than a rating in Madden each year, awareness plays a role in every position on an NFL team. Shane Lechler shows you why it's important to a punter.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The punter– a man who rarely gets the respect he deserves every week. Shane Lechler knows what that's like as he's been the best player in the NFL at his position who almost nobody talks about. When his blocking broke down, and he wasn't given the time he needed to get off a solid punt it was blocked, but it gave Lechler a chance to show off his legendary awareness.


"Straight up? Nope. Okay, what about forward? No, not there either. Alright, I know it's to my left. No, not there either. It HAS to be behind me! WHERE THE HELL IS THE BALL! To my right? No?! Back up in the air!?"

Word is Lechler is still looking for the ball, and it getting its picture put on milk cartons as we speak.