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Andrew Luck Edges RGIII In SB Nation's Preseason Awards

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SB Nation's preseason NFL awards are in and the offensive rookie of the year award should surprise few people. Andrew Luck was considered one of the most pro-ready quarterbacks to enter the NFL in years, so it's fitting that SB Nation's NFL bloggers voted him the preseason offensive rookie of the year. Luck took home 58 percent of the vote in SB Nation's vote.

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Luck and the Colts will struggle, there's little doubt about that. But he is mature enough as a quarterback, and has enough weapons like Reggie Wayne in place that he can put up respectable numbers in year one. The Colts are coming off a season bad enough to earn them the No. 1 pick so the pressure isn't necessarily bearing down on Luck. He is set up for a big rookie year.

Three other players earned votes for SB Nation's preseason offensive rookie of the year award. As expected, the Washington Redskins' Robert Griffin III was next in line with 20 percent of the vote. With Luck and RGIII going 1-2 in the draft, they can expect to be linked forever.

The Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson and Tampa Bay Bucs' Doug Martin also received votes. Wilson, following his electric preseason showing, earned 13 percent of the vote and Martin, who is the top dog in Tampa Bay's backfield, ended with 8 percent of the vote.

SB Nation's NFL bloggers weigh in:

The Phinsider:

Let's face it. The offensive rookie of the year is going to a rookie quarterback. And, this year, you can choose one of five. But, really, it's going to come down to the two players selected with the top two picks in April's draft. Andrew Luck is supposed to have an unbelievable career, but he is starting off with a rebuilding Indianapolis Colts squad. Meanwhile, RG3, theoretically, should have better talent around him than Luck this year. That gives the edge to the Heisman Trophy winner.

Bucs Nation:

Andrew Luck has looked absolutely spectacular in the preseason and appears to be everything the Colts imagined he'd be when they drafted him. Quarterbacks have won this award more often than not in the recent past, and there's little reason to think that will change this year.

Arrowhead Pride:

Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in this group but Russell Wilson will have the best rookie year. He looks so prepared to help his team through the air, on the ground and with his leadership in the huddle. He has been on two big-time winning college programs which seems to have helped his transition to the NFL.

The full results of SB Nation's preseason offensive rookie of the year vote:

Andrew Luck: 58 percent
Robert Griffin III: 20
Russell Wilson: 13
Doug Martin: 8

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