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Maurice Jones-Drew Will Be Third-Down Back In Week 1

Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said Maurice Jones-Drew will play in the team's season opener against the Vikings, but as a third down option rather than the starting running back. Rashad Jennings will still get the start in Minnesota, but Mularkey didn't rule out the possibility of Jones-Drew getting most of the carries once he is 100 percent.

The third down back in Mularkey's system also gives the starter breaks on long drives, and if the Jaguars are going to be run-dominant, Jones-Drew is likely to have early opportunities to earn his spot back. Jones-Drew doesn't know how much he should expect to play.

Here's Mularkey:

"I think he's seen the history of this offense. People have been critical of it, rushing Michael Turner too much over 300 carries so he's going to get his carries. That's kind of been the history I've gone all the way back to Pittsburgh even with Jerome Bettis. We had Amos Zereoue. The feature back takes a lot of the carries," he said

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