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The 2012 NFL GIF Preview: Your Team Is Hilarious

We could preview the 2012 NFL season with words and stats, or we could just pick a suitable animated GIF for each team. So we did the latter.

Getty Images

The NFL is my first true love. As a lad, I remember rushing home from Hebrew School hoping I could make the 1:00 p.m. kickoffs while I ate Stouffer's french bread pizza. In college, I remember waking up hungover in a frat house figuring someone else would clean out all the empties as I poured myself some hair of the dog, checked my fantasy lineups and made Stouffer's french bread pizza as I saw the 1:00 p.m kickoffs. Today on Sundays I wake up for my morning jog, drink some fresh brewed coffee and make a Stouffer's french bread pizza because it's better than the bar food at the dives I go to for watching the 1:00 p.m. kickoffs.

So here is my labor of love, the 2012 NFL GIF preview. Are you ready for some Stouffer's french bread pizza?!

-- NFC East and South

-- NFC North and West

-- AFC East and South

-- AFC North and West

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