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Cowboys Vs. Giants, Week 1: New York Fans React To Season Opening Loss

The New York Giants opened the 2012 season with a 24-17 home loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Not exactly the start the defending Super Bowl champions were looking for.

As Ed Valentine of Big Blue View put it, the Giants received a "reminder that their run to Super Bowl glory is over and a new season has begun."

New York had issues on both sides of the ball, which resulted in some harsh reviews from Giants fans on Big Blue View.

Amongst a million other things
Webster played like crap. Their CB were all over our WR both illegal and not. Seems like we didn't lay a finger on theirs at all. Nicks has no explosion and freaking Cruz needs to catch the ball. Anybody hiding some healthy CB's in their sock drawer? -- CasanovaWong

That was really bad

Embarassing too to be the first SB champion to lose on opening day.

OL and pass defense were useless as always. -- mclaren_is_the_best

The Giants' offensive line seemed to catch a significant portion of the flack following New York's loss.

Special Bulletin!!

Attention, calling all well built large males, between the age of 20 and 35. There will be open tryouts, Friday at 8AM at Metlife Stadium, for the position of offensive line, all positions. All that is needed is to simply block and shove the opposing team's DLine. Thats all. All shapes and sizes encouraged to come out. Thank You. -- Nickel06

Our O-line needs work They can pass block but the run blocking is the same as it’s been for 3 years now -- Late for Dinner

Bench Diehl, Bench Diehl and for good measure bench Diehl. -- Drizzy

Losing to your rival in primetime is never fun, but hey, look at the bright side:

this loss just guarantees a superbowl win got the opening loss mojo working for us -- B-rod24

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