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Seahawks Vs. Cardinals: Referee Mistakenly Gives Extra Timeout To Seattle

All eyes were on the replacement referees in Week 1 of the NFL Season. While there weren't too many issues this weekend, the crew that officiated the Seahawks and Cardinals game in Arizona made a pretty big mistake.

As Seattle drove down the field late in the fourth quarter, referee Bruce Hermansen granted the Seahawks an extra timeout. The crew gathered and began deliberations, delaying play with about 90 seconds remaining on the game clock. After about five minutes of review the crew came back with the wrong answer and ruled Seattle had one timeout remaining.

Here is what head referee Bruce Hermansen had to say following the conclusion of the game, which Arizona won 20-16.

"It was my error. We gave them (SEA) the additional timeout because of the incomplete pass stopping the clock before the injury occurred. When in effect, the clock has no bearing on the play at all, whether it's stopped or running, we should not have given them (SEA) the additional timeout."

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