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Emmanuel Sanders Goes Down After Helmet-To-Helmet Hit

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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was left in a heap on the turf after taking a serious blow to the head on Sunday night. Sanders was stumbling to the ground as Broncos safety Rahim Moore tried to go low, leaving both looking somewhat daze on the ground. Sanders got the worse end of it, though, and immediately clutched his head, likely signaling a concussion.

Here's the play again.


Moore did try to go low and tried to avoid the head. But he got caught in a difficult spot when Sanders also dipped his head, leading to the helmet-to-helmet hit. Moore was flagged for the hit -- which is going to happen when heads knock -- and Sanders left the game.

Still, it's tough for Moore to do anything else here, with the game moving at full-speed and Sanders dipping down late. Neither player was in a good spot.

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