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Steelers Vs. Broncos: We Lost About A Minute Of Clock

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When Mike Tomlin threw a controversial challenge flag -- he may have got it off just before the snap or he may not have -- he didn't just fail to get the play overturned. It also appears as though we lost about 50 seconds of game time. While the challenge was being reviewed, the clock continued to run on the screen and it was never adjusted. The challenge flag was throw with about 10:16 on the clock. Officials came out of the booth with 9:34 showing on the clock.

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Check the play-by-play:

1-10-PIT 18(10:45) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass short right to E.Decker to PIT 1 for 17 yards (R.Mundy). Pittsburgh challenged the first down ruling, and the play was Upheld. (Timeout #1.)
1-1-PIT 1(9:28) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass short left to J.Tamme for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.

How did 1:17 run off the clock between those two plays? Don't forget that a challenge call came in as well. The play clock isn't anywhere near that long.

The clock was never adjusted, and it showed 9:23 when NBC came back from commercial for the kickoff -- following the Broncos' one play for a touchdown. So time was missing. Timing error? Graphic error? All of the above?

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