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Tim Tebow: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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Ben Roethlisberger got sacked three straight times on the Pittsburgh Steelers' last drive against the Denver Broncos on Sunday night. As hilarious as that is -- and it is super, super hilarious -- it was made even more delectable by Von Miller, who picked up the first two sacks. On the first sack, he did a dance that can only be described as "Richard Nixon doing the Charleston." On the second sack ... well, see for yourself after the jump.


Yes, Von Miller paid tribute to American patron saint of football Tim Tebow, who as you may remember was the quarterback for the Broncos until he disappeared silently from the face of the Earth, never to be mentioned again until this very sentence.

It is good to see that he is still remembered by his former teammates. Or mocked. We're cool with either one.

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