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New Jaguars GM David Caldwell not interested in Tim Tebow

The Jaguars introduced new General Manager David Caldwell on Thursday, and he immediately put to rest rumors that the team would attempt to add Tim Tebow.


Jaguars general manager David Caldwell was introduced by owner Shad Khan in Jacksonville on Thursday afternoon, and the new GM is apparently not a huge fan of Tim Tebow.

At the press conference, there were plenty of questions about the Jaguars search for a new coach, but the topic of Tebow also promptly came up. Caldwell, in no uncertain terms, seemed to put the speculation that the Jags would target Tebow to rest, stating, "As far as Tim [Tebow] goes, he is a member of the New York Jets so I can't imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar."

The statement obviously caused a buzz in the room, and Caldwell was asked to repeat it, saying again, "I can't imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar." He even went a step further, clarifying that he was not just making the statement because Tebow was under contract with another team, adding, "even if he's released."

With the Tebow issue cast aside, Caldwell said they would further evaluate the quarterback position.

"We plan to address the quarterback situation, obviously," he said. "Blaine [Gabbert] is the second-youngest quarterback in the NFL. But we're going to have an open competition. Whether it's through drafting or free agency, we'll bring in some more people to compete at the quarterback position. It's going to be an open competition there and we're going to let the best player win that position."

It's just not open to Tebow.

Caldwell comes to the job after a season as the Director of Player Personnel with the Atlanta Falcons and it didn't take long for the Jaguars to start making moves with him now on board. The team announced earlier Thursday morning that head coach Mike Mularkey had been fired. As for a new coach, Caldwell deflected the rumors that he's most interested in hiring his friend Greg Roman, the 49ers' offensive coordinator. But he did say the search had already started and a hire would be made soon.

"We have a potential list of candidates for sure," he said, "and we've already started the wheels turning on those."