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Cardinals coaching rumors: Is Mike McCoy the favorite in Arizona?

The Cardinals continue to search for a quarterback, with the latest reports having Mike McCoy and Ray Horton as the two favorites to land the job.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So far, the Arizona Cardinals have taken a methodical approach in their coaching search. That could change this week as Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy appears to be the favorite to replace Ken Whisenhunt.

The Cardinals have interviewed McCoy once and are reportedly trying to set up another interview with him. McCoy has been one of the favorites to land the position, but Arizona was in somewhat of a holding pattern with the Broncos still in the playoffs. If the Cardinals do conduct a second interview with McCoy, he would be the second candidate to be brought in for a second round.

The other candidate who has been interviewed twice is current defensive coordinator Ray Horton. While McCoy may be the favorite, due to his offensive background, Horton is also rumored to be a front-runner. According to a report, Horton hasn't been told much about the search, but expects to hear more by Tuesday.

It's possible both McCoy and Horton could wind up with the Cardinals next season as there are rumors the team is favoring McCoy as the head coach, but would like to keep Horton as defensive coordinator.