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Eagles coaching rumors: Brian Billick, Ken Whisenhunt among the latest candidates

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The Eagles haven't left many stones unturned in their coaching search, but who will they choose to replace Andy Reid?

Christian Petersen

No matter what happens, no one can say the Eagles' search to replace Andy Reid wasn't exhaustive. They've talked to college coaches, former coaches and current coordinators. There have been countless favorites and rumors, but it appears the search may be nearing an end.

Brian Billick was a surprise addition to the coaching search, but after interviewing last week, he is rumored to be one of the leading candidates. Billick has an impressive resume and has NFL head coaching experience, unlike several of the other candidates. He isn't, however, the only former NFL head coach to interview recently. Former Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt interviewed with the Eagles on Monday.

Another hot name in the search has been Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. Bradley interviewed with the Eagles on Saturday, with FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reporting the meeting went "great." With the Seahawks now out of the postseason, Bradley could be in line for another interview. Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden was scheduled to interview on Monday.

There were reports that Philadelphia was scheduled to interview Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on Tuesday, but the Eagles said that meeting was never scheduled.