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Falcons vs. 49ers, NFC Championship Game: No call on NaVorro Bowman pass interference may have decided game

NaVorro Bowman may have committed pass interference on the Falcons' fourth down play in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter.


Down 28-24 to the 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons faced a fourth down situation at the San Francisco 10 yard line with a little more than a minute remaining in the game. Matt Ryan fired the ball over the middle to Roddy White, but the pass was broken up by linebacker NaVorro Bowman.

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White wanted a pass interference call, but he did not get it. Were the Falcons robbed?


That play ended a drive that took more than seven minutes off the clock, and the 49ers were able to burn most of the remaining time when they took over on downs.

San Francisco rallied from an early 17-0 deficit to win the game and advance to the Super Bowl. The 49ers trailed by 10 at halftime and only claimed their first lead of the game when they went up 28-24 in the fourth quarter.