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A younger Jim Harbaugh gets excited, breaks a projector

Even before the NFL, Jim Harbaugh was very excited for no particular reason


This is a solid hour plus of Jim Harbaugh, onetime University of San Diego coach and current Super Bowl-bound 49ers coach, teaching his philosophies on quarterback play. You don't have an hour to watch it, so I'll just help you through the highlights.

3:20 Jim Harbaugh teaches an important lesson about throwing motion using a clip from The Sandlot. Harbaugh asks if anyone recognizes it. Someone answers, "The Sandlot." Harbaugh responds by yelling "SANDLOT!" Jim Harbaugh yells single words for emphasis more than even most coaches do.

17:00 Harbaugh, to illustrate proper QB hand placement, says a quarterback must place the second knuckle of his index finger "right on the center's asshole." He then repeats this several times like the word "asshole" is a scientific term, and without giggling. Jim Harbaugh is more mature than I am.

22:00 Harbaugh mentions a discussion he had with "my man Les Miles." I would pay thousands of dollars for a recording of this conversation, and spend years mining it for meaning.

27:00: Harbaugh pounds an overhead projector while yelling "I MUST WIN." He does this so hard he breaks the overhead.

There's lots of "THAT'S HUGE" and "BAM!" and "Jim Harbaugh looking a little like Uncle Rico simulating plays," but a few things are clear. It's clear that Jim Harbaugh is a very good football instructor. It's also clear he's so intense that he'll break equipment during a simple coaching clinic demonstration. Finally, it's clear that Jim Harbaugh is insane, and that this seems to be nothing but an asset in his line of work.