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The Atlanta Falcons' 2012 season: Colin Kaepernick is a choo-choo train

It hurts.

Hello! I am an Atlanta Falcons fan.

Here is a GIF that defines the second half of the 2013 NFC Championship. I didn't make it, so don't yell at me.

In that game, the Falcons went from a 17-point home lead on the 49ers, a team I've either hated or feared my entire fan life, to trailing by four points with minutes to go. The Falcons lost, Harry Douglas desperately needs new cleats, tight ends should be banned and our quarterback's arm is falling off.

Everything was really great for a while there. People are still talking about how loud the Dome was. My wife, watching on TV, said she could hear the entire crowd celebrating a Michael Turner first down by singing "Move" by Ludacris long after the PA had stopped playing it.

Thirty minutes to NOLA. I made a point of drinking nothing but Sweetwater all day. That didn't work.

It will hurt for a long time. Not our quarterback's arm. That'll be okay.

Colin Kaepernick is a choo-choo train. Choo chooooooo!