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2013 Super Bowl: Harbaugh brothers to hold joint press conference

The Harbaugh brothers will make history by becoming the first brothers to coach against each other in the Super Bowl, but before the game they will hold a joint press conference.

Rob Carr

After John Harbaugh's Ravens and Jim Harbaugh's 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl, many in the media wanted to hype the game as a battle between the two brothers. While some billed it as the "Harbowl" both coaches attempted to deflect the attention from themselves and instead turn the focus to their teams. That will change the Friday before the Super Bowl as they will conduct a joint press conference.

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The joint press conference will be a first in Super Bowl history. In will also be in addition to the coaches' other media responsibilities. In addition to their solo press conferences this week, the coaches and players will conduct interviews during Super Bowl media day, although that will be done in two sessions, one for each team.

Even though they will meet the media together, neither Harbaugh is likely to divulge much information about the game. Jim Harbaugh decided to not even release the 49ers' practice schedule to the public. Instead, the coaches will likely talk about their time growing up, their relationship and their influence on one another, among other topics. Maybe we can finally answer the question of who won the wrestling matches in the front yard.