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Sean Payton never considered leaving Saints

Sean Payton could have went to any team that wanted him, but he chose to stay in New Orleans.

Chris Graythen

Saints head coach Sean Payton was reinstated by the NFL on Tuesday after being suspended for nearly a year, and in that time he could have shopped around for a new team to coach. His contract was voided by the league, meaning the Saints no longer had the rights to him. Payton stayed loyal to New Orleans, and eventually signed a new, multi-year deal.

Payton spoke with the media on Wednesday, and was adamant that he had no intention to ever leave the Saints. The speculation surrounding opportunities elsewhere were just that, as the voided contract wasn't going to change his mind, according to CBS Sports:

"There was no way I was going to another team," Payton said. "The issue was a minor technicality. It was a minor clause -- you guys had it right, there was a clause [in the contract] that wasn't approved."

New Orleans struggled out of the gate in 2012 without its head coach, losing its first four games. The Saints eventually recovered, taking seven of their last 12, but it certainly wasn't the same without Payton. Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles detailed just how excited the players and fans were to have their Super Bowl-winning leader back in action.