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Pro Bowl 2013: Weather could bring humidity, rain and vog

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The Pro Bowl is played in paradise, but the weather might not be perfect on Sunday, and a mysterious gas may be on the loose.

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One of the most appealing parts of playing in the Pro Bowl is the location. The participants fly out to Hawaii during the cold winter months with a chance to hang out in the sun and warmth for a week. The islands are famous for their consistently mild weather, rarely getting too hot and rarely getting cold at all. However, there are some unique weather phenomenons that happen in Hawaii that don't occur in many other places.

Does the Pro Bowl actually exist?

The possibility of humidity, rain, and vog is looming on Sunday afternoon at Aloha Stadium, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

So, what is vog? No, it isn't some sort of deadly substance from a horror movie. According to Wikipedia, it is air pollution that comes from volcanoes when they release gasses into the air. That doesn't sound like something that is conducive to playing football.

People should avoid overexerting themselves when vog invades, according to This would fly in the face of Peyton Manning's plea to his fellow Pro Bowlers to play harder in the game. With the risks associated with vog, It might be a good idea for players to take it easy like they have done in every other Pro Bowl.

Sorry, Peyton.