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Super Bowl 2013 Anthem Prop Bet: Odds Say Alicia Keys Goes Long

Alicia Keys will take much longer to sing the national anthem than Kelly Clarkson did a year ago if the Super Bowl prop odds on the Star Spangled Banner are correct.

Martin Rose

When the self-proclaimed best Super Bowl national anthem handicapper say Alicia Keys will take more than two minutes to complete the Star Spangled Banner next Sunday, you have to pay attention.

Kevin Bradley at Bovada set the over-under for her rendition at 40 seconds longer than Kelly Clarkson's version a year ago, raising eyebrows at other sportsbooks and sending many bettors to the window to bet UNDER.

"Whenever a singer announces they will do their own rendition of the anthem, it complicates the situation because it usually runs much longer," Bradley said in an interview Friday. "You are never sure what to expect."

The line was set at 2 minutes 15 seconds, a full 41 seconds longer than last year's over-under.

In the last two years, Bradley's team predicted the length within a second. Back at Super Bowl XLVI, former American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson breezed through the anthem at 1:34.

Bradley had set the over-under at precisely 1:34. A year earlier, they pegged Christina Aguilera's version at 1:55 and it came in one second shorter.

"I guess that makes us the unofficial best anthem handicappers around," he joked.

Other Alicia Keys props include whether she will omit a word and whether she will add a word. There is also a prop on whether she will get booed, where the ‘yes' wager is 5/1.