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Joe Flacco contract: Super Bowl will not affect negotiations

The Ravens are heading to the Super Bowl with their QB in a contract year. We discuss general manager Ozzie Newsome's recent comments on Joe Flacco's contract status.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens heading to Super Bowl 47I with their quarterback in a contract year has been a mildly interesting story line. Joe Flacco is easily playing his best football as a pro, finally making it to his first Super Bowl after multiple division titles and three visits to the AFC Championship.

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Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome understands the situation better than anyone, and recognizes it's a priority. Flacco has handled the situation extremely well by letting his play do the talking.

Newsome has said that the Super Bowl will not affect negotiations, according to This means, win or lose, Flacco's price tag will remain the same and both parties are comfortable with it. It seems this deal will get done regardless and it should be significant. Other than that, Newsome did not want to discuss the matter any further, saying: "Joe and I have a very good understanding about his contract."

The Ravens view Flacco has a top 10 quarterback in the league, so don't be surprised if they pay him as such. He has had a very successful career with the team, but more is being put on his shoulders as this team evolves into a new identity. With Ray Lewis leaving, this deal could cement Flacco as the new face of the Ravens organization moving forward.