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2013 Super Bowl: Princess the camel picks the Ravens to beat the 49ers

You read the headline right. There's a camel in a New Jersey zoo that picks the winner of the Super Bowl. The amazing thing is she's 7-1. This year she picked the Ravens.

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If you flip a coin a hundred times, odds are you'll end up with tails about 50 times and heads about 50 times. You would think that if you asked a camel to randomly pick the winner of a football game, you'd come up with the same results. However, that hasn't been the case for one New Jersey camel. Princess, a resident at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Ocean County, New Jersey, has a knack for predicting football games. She went 11-6 this season and has predicted six of the last seven Super Bowls correctly, including the two Giants upsets over the Patriots.

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The 26-year-old camel's pick is in and Princess has picked another upset, predicting the Ravens will win Super Bowl XLVII over the 49ers. Zoo manager John Bergmann says that Princess has gotten the majority of her picks correct this season, even though 11-6 hasn't been one of her better years.

"She's been pretty uncanny," Bergmann said. He said he was a bit surprised at the camel's choice -- in the playoffs, she picked the 49ers to beat the Atlanta Falcons, but chose the Denver Broncos over the Ravens.

"Then when she got to the Super Bowl, she picked the Baltimore Ravens," Bergmann said.

When she picks games, Bergmann writes one team on the palm of his right hand and the other team on his left hand. He then puts a cracker over each team's name and then lets Princess pick which cracker she wants. Whichever team she uncovers first is the predicted winner. She usually picks the winner of Giants and Jets games and, until Michael Vick was named the starter in Philadelphia, she picked the winner of Eagles games.

Princess isn't the only member of the animal kingdom that has made the news by predicting Super Bowl winners. Kami, the Sumatran Tiger at a zoo in Alabama picks the winners by shredding a box with the winners logo on it. Arun, the rhino in Texas picks the winner by playing with the ball with the winner's logo. Finally, Inji and Kutai, orangutangs from Oregon, put on t-shirts with their winning team's logo on it. None of the other animals quite have the talent that Princess has, though.

The Ravens and Ravens fans are hoping that Princess is right once again about her Super Bowl prediction this year, especially since the 49ers are favored to win by five. Baltimore isn't that far from New Jersey, so if the Ravens win maybe they can take Princess on their parade through the city with the Lombardi Trophy. As long as they bring crackers, I'm sure she'd like the change of scenery.