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Pro Bowl 2013 odds: AFC favored by a point

In a battle of wills, the AFC is slightly favored to take down the rough-and-tumble NFC.

Kent Nishimura

The NFL Pro Bowl is finally here, and that means it's time to take a look at the odds for this grudge match, provided by BOVADA.

In what can only be described as the game of the century, the AFC is favored by a point over the NFC, igniting debate across the country.

Peyton Manning leads his team into battle along with Jamaal Charles and others, while the NFC is led by Adrian Peterson. Whenever Manning is involved and the weather is above 50 degrees, his squad has to be favored, something not lost on those in Vegas.

Without question, this contest will be tooth-and-nail, with every yard being fought over like two dogs battling for a bone in the street. The crowd will be raucous, but who will they root for? It could easily sway the momentum in this barnburner.

The Super Bowl may be in a week, but that game is for show. Who needs the commercials and Beyonce singing at halftime when you can have a game that's guaranteed to have 90+ points?

All the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers players who aren't participating because they have a game next week? Quitters.

Bring on the Pro Bowl.