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Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Go Daddy releases boob-less commercial

Go Daddy has left its stamp on the Super Bowl advertising community by showing attractive women and not explaining what it actually does. They are going a different route in 2013.

Christian Petersen

Go Daddy is one of the first companies to pre-release the commercial it's showing during Super Bowl XLVII, and it's...well, it's something. Most yearly watchers of the Super Bowl know Go Daddy commercials by their "lowest-common denominator" factor: they show attractive/famous women, scantily clad, and barely, if at all, talk about the domain-hosting services the business provides.

This year, the company decided to go a different route. Take a look:

This commercial is clearly going along the path, particularly at the end there, of the absurdism trend started by Old Spice. Sure, the "Sky Waitress" line is slightly funny, but not nearly as funny as some of the other lines that Old Spice and others have spit out in their commercials.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this commercial — besides the bizarre half-second of screen time Danica Patrick got as the cackling pilot — is how laser-focused it is on Go Daddy's business mission. I guess you have to be if you're encouraging people to get a .co domain.