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What is Alex Smith doing right now? Jan. 29

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It's media day for the Super Bowl! Alex Smith has other things on his mind.

"Am I supposed to include my high school on this? I can never remember!"
"Am I supposed to include my high school on this? I can never remember!"

Attached please find resume.

Alex Smith

San Francisco, CA 94132 (415) 555-6654 •


University of Utah , Salt Lake City, UT

B.A. in Economics, June 2005

  • Finished fourth in Heisman Award voting
  • MWC Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2005 Fiesta Bowl winner
  • Wore number 11

Professional Experience

San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco, CA

Starting Quarterback/Quarterback/General football guy, 2005- Present

  • Responsible for delivering footballs to a wide range of eligible receivers
  • Tasked with learning extensive play book, including a select number of "trick plays"
  • Delegated responsibilities to teams of up to 11 for hours at a time
  • Praised for excellent media skills in less-than-favorable conditions
  • So close to being NFC Champion, you don't even know

Miami Dolphins, Miami, FL

Interviewed, 2011

  • Everyone was really nice!
  • Spoke with general manager, owner and coaches
  • Expressed interest in quarterbacking
  • Sent thank-you note


Applebee's, Any Neighborhood, USA

Frequent Diner, 2006 – present

  • Holder of platinum "Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood!" membership


  • Computers, including iPad and cell phones
  • Has heard of many software programs, including Excel, Outlook and Dell
  • Knows how to redeem iTunes gift card
  • Loves Applebee's
  • Can eat up to three Cinnabons in one sitting
  • Architecure/real estate enthusiast