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Super Bowl Prop Bets: Harbaugh odds, Har-betting on Har-Bowl

Super Bowl props on the Harbaugh brothers are creative and plentiful as John and Jim become the first brother tandem to coach the same game. Check out the full list of Harbaugh odds.

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The Harbaugh Bowl, the Har-Bowl, the Super Baugh, whatever you want to call it, this year's Super Bowl certainly provides a unique storyline.

And sportsbooks have never been shy about pumping out prop bets on topics that attract media attention. Of course, the first two brothers to serve as head coaches in the NFL meet in Super Bowl XLVII.

John and Jim's brotherly coaching battle provides Super Bowl proposition bettors with a sibling rivalry full of wagering choices.

Among the Harbaugh-based Super Bowl prop bets being offered at Bovada.

The CBS camera crew is certain to find the coaches' parents wherever they're seated in the Superdome; just how often viewers will be treated to their reactions to the on-field happenings is uncertain.

But Bovada is giving bettors a chance to keep track, offering an OVER/UNDER of 1.5 on the number of times CBS will show father Jack.

Will either Harbaugh parent show any favoritism? You certainly wouldn't think so, unless either John or Jim was a real pain in the ass as a kid. Then again, maybe Mom will wear a Niners jersey, while Dad will don a Ravens cap.

Just in case, there is a line of +200 on either Harbaugh parent being shown wearing any clothing with either a San Francisco or Baltimore logo during the game.

Calling this Super Bowl the "Harbaugh Bowl" or the "Har-Bowl" or the "Super Baugh" is certainly popular among sportscasters, sportswriters and headline writers, but on Sunday, after we've heard it for two full weeks, how many times will CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms go to it?

Bovada is offering an OVER/UNDER of 2.5 on the number of uses of those three terms during the game.

And finally, a wager on the number of times the word "Harbaugh" will be used during the game sits at 20.5.

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SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - Will either Jack or Jackie Harbaugh be shown on TV wearing any clothing that has either a SF or BAL logo on it during the game?

Yes +200 (2/1)

No -300 (1/3)

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - How many times will Jack Harbaugh be shown on TV during the game?

Over 1.5 (-140) (5/7)

Under 1.5 (EVEN) (1/1)

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - How many times will the game be referred to as the Harbaugh Bowl or Har Bowl or Super Baugh during the game?

Over/Under 2 ½

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - Who will be shown first during the game?

Jim Harbaugh 1/1

John Harbaugh 1/1

Split screen shot of both 4/1

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - How long will the post game handshake/hug last between Jim & John Harbaugh?

Over/Under 7.5 seconds

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - Who will be mentioned more by full name during the game?

Jim Harbaugh -120

John Harbaugh -120

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS - How many times will Harbaugh be said during the game?

Over/Under 20 ½