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Super Bowl 2013 Props: Gatorade odds clear betting choice

One of the most popular Super Bowl props saw some line movement Wednesday, as 'yellow' became the top betting choice on the Gatorade odds menu at Bovada. What caused yellow to surpass 'clear' as the top choice?

Joe Robbins

By now, most Super Bowl bettors know that money on Baltimore pushed the spread from 5 points to 3.5 points, but most were not aware that money on 'yellow' had forced the line down on Gatorade props.

"While 'clear' had been the clear betting favorite early in the week, money on 'yellow' has made that the shortest odds as of Wednesday," said Kevin Bradley, sportsbook manager at Bovada.

Asked if a sudden increase in yellow Gatorade sales in New Orleans or some sneaky Gatorade delivery surveillance might be behind the fresh wagering, he declined comment while keeping his tongue firmly in cheek.

The celebratory tradition that began 30 years ago on an NFL sideline has spread into nearly every sport at every level. It has also become a Super Bowl props tradition, getting mentioned on the odds menu at most sportsbooks.

Even though some believe the practice of sneaking up on a winning coach and dumping a jug full of Gatorade on his head has become a bit dated, odds are that it will happen sometime right around the final gun of Sunday's Super Bowl.

And if it's happening Sunday at the Super Bowl, you can bet bookmakers will be offering wagering action on the glorious event.

The Gatorade dunk began sometime back in the 1980s; most credit a couple of New York Giants for dousing head coach Bill Parcels, while other claim Chicago's Dan Hampton started it with a showering of Coach Ditka a few years earlier.

Whatever the case, no winning coach is safe these days; Gatorade showers can occur almost anywhere, from the Super Bowl-winning sideline to sandlots in San Jose.

As for this Sunday, the question Super Bowl prop bettors want answered is "what color liquid will the winning team use to dunk its coach?"

For a little historical review, our research shows that over the last 12 Super Bowls "clear" (or apparently "water") leads the way, having been used to soak the coach four times. Yellow, orange and purple have each been used twice, and two games, both Patriots victories, have ended without a Gatorade dunking.

What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

Yellow 7/4
Clear/Water 19/10
Orange 7/2
Red 13/2
Blue 7/1
Green 7/1

Last year the Super Bowl champion Giants doused head coach Tom Coughlin with some purple-colored liquid out of a Gatorade cooler, and yet, strangely enough, "purple" wasn't even an option on most "Gatorade shower" betting boards.