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Super Bowl Cross Sports Props: Kobe, LeBron, Sidney Crosby Odds

Kobe Bryant and Sidney Crosby are included among Super Bowl bets? Super Bowl cross sport props have become popular lately and famous basketball and hockey players are involved with Ravens and 49ers players this Sunday.


You won't see Kobe Bryant lining up in formation in Super Bowl XLVII but that doesn't mean you can't place a Super Bowl bet on him.

Cross-sport props have grown in popularity in recent years to the point where most NFL odds menus have dozens of bets comparing stats on the football field against those on the basketball court or hockey rink.

Back to Kobe. One prop offered by Bovada asks whether the receiving yards by Randy Moss be more or less than the points scored by Bryant when the Lakers play the Pistons earlier Sunday.

Here's just a sample of some of the cross-sport Super Bowl XLVII props Bovada is offering for Sunday.

Which will there be more of Sunday; receptions hauled in by Baltimore WR Torrey Smith, or shots on goal by Sidney Crosby when his Pittsburgh Penguins play the Capitals earlier Sunday? Bovada is offering a price of -115 either way.

Which will there be more of Sunday; Evgeni Malkin points, or Frank Gore receptions?

Which will there be more of; Michael Crabtree receptions, or Peyton Siva assists, when Louisville plays Marquette earlier Sunday?

Which will there be more of: Patrick Willis tackles plus assists, or rebounds by Trevor Mbakwe when his Minnesota Gophers play Iowa earlier Sunday?

Which will be higher; Ray Lewis' tackles plus assists total (plus 3.5), or LeBron James' rebounds plus assists total when his Miami Heat takes on Toronto earlier Sunday?

Which will be more; Ray Rice's receiving yardage, or Blake Griffin's points plus rebounds when his Clippers play the Celtics earlier Sunday?

Which will be higher; points scored by the 49ers, or points scored by LeBron?

And finally, which will be higher; Joe Flacco's Super Bowl completion percentage, or Dwight Howard's free-throw percentage?

During this NFL regular-season Flacco completed just under 60 percent of his passes, while Howard is shooting just under 50 percent from the line so far this NBA season.

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