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Rex Ryan tattoo honors his favorite player

The Jets head coach got some new ink on his vacation, some strange new ink.

Photo via Andrew Theodorakis, New York Daily News

Rex Ryan bolted to the Bahamas at the end of the Jets' butt fumble of a season. Can't really blame the guy for wanting to get away from it all. Because it's the Jets and Rex Ryan, paparazzi just happened to find him, and their long, nosy lens captured a coach sporting a brand new tattoo honoring his favorite player.

That inky, lusty lady on Rex's arm is a version of his wife Michelle, according to the New York Daily News report. The jersey covering all but her sultry eyes is a Jets smock featuring the number six, the same number that belong to Mark Sanchez.

And is the lady on his arm Tebowing?

Maybe he promised himself that if he survived the season, he'd get a Sanchez tattoo. Maybe he just likes the number six.

It is my sincere hope that there is a Grateful Dead dancing bear on his ankle with Greg McElroy's number.

Also worth pointing out, this is the most-talked about NFL story for either of New York's teams right now, not the Jets' hunt for a new general manager, not the Giants missing the playoffs ... Rex Ryan's vacation tattoo.